The Rt. Rev. James Russell Kendrick, Bishop


The Rev. R. Barry Crow

St. Andrew’s Vestry and Officers 2017

  • Rick Boyer, Senior Warden
  • Brantley Cook, Vestry Member
  • Kate Gholston, Vestry Member
  • Tiffany Benitone, Vestry Member
  • Nicole Brueder, Vestry Member
  • Marie Hertzberg, Vestry Member
  • Kathy Rolf, Vestry Member
  • Subcommittee of Vestry:

     David Cook and Joe Gholston, Chairs of Buildings and Grounds

  • Treasurer, R.H. Holland
  • Assistant to the Treasurer, Kathy Rolf


  • Parish Administrator, Connie Zubler
  • Organist, Kelly Koontz
  • Church Sexton, Stephani Huesmann